Understanding secured and unsecured finance options

Sometimes you need to get your hands on some extra cash for your small business. Perhaps you need a quick and easy business loan to purchase new equipment, expand your premises or take on new staff. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to understand your small business finance options.

Exploring leases, hire purchasing, line of credit and overdraft business finance

Your small business will sometimes need a quick and easy access to extra funds. Understanding the complex range of small business finance options available is no easy task!

Our current Fast finance for your small business series helps explain each of your short term small business loan options. Let’s now take a detailed look at leases or hire purchasing, and line of credit or overdraft business finance.

Cash flow management in your business

Whether you’re a new startup or an established business that’s trying to build and grow, knowing how to manage your cash flow is key to your success. You’ll always need a little cash on hand to stay afloat, or you risk going under! Think of your business like a sponge – it soaks up lots of cash, and to get it out you need to give it a squeeze every now and then.

Startup do’s and don’ts

Got a great business idea that you want to launch, but not quite sure where to start?

A handy new app can help get your startup started.

Top tips for dealing with debtors

Let’s face it, you didn’t go into business only to waste hours on the phone chasing up cash from your customers. Dealing with debtors places a huge strain on your business cash flow. But chasing payments is frustrating. It’s awkward and embarrassing discussing money so directly with your customers.