Limba secures additional investment and cuts Small Business Loan Interest Rate

Limba Rate Drop Announcement Sep2019.jpg

“Following an influx of investment funds, Limba has been able to reprice our business loan products for the first time in three years. We’ve jumped at the chance to pass savings on to our customers, by cutting our SME lending interest rate by 25 per cent,” said Olly Guilleaume, National Manager – Business Lending, Limba. 


Limba provides business loans for a broad range of Australian small and medium sized businesses, including sole traders and family enterprises. The initial application is quick and online, and yet each and every loan application is considered and processed by a real person that listens and understands each borrower’s case, as opposed to an algorithm. They’ve managed to match personal service with speed, aiming to provide same-day decisions on loan applications, often within hours.  


As an alternative lender, Limba works with small businesses that have been trading for as little as six months, providing they have an ABN and a transaction history. Add a driver’s license and business bank details and the business – or their broker – can complete the online application. Limba offers secured and unsecured loan options, and provides funding between $5-$100,000 for terms of up to 24 months.  


What do SMEs and Brokers Need to Know:

  • Limba is offering a more competitive interest rate on short term business loans from $5000 - $100,000 without compromising on customer service or commissions

  • SMEs can apply via a broker, or begin the application process with this online form to prompt attention and assessment by a real person, not an algorithm. The decision will be same-day and, if approved, settlement happens within 24 hours.

  • Brokers can apply directly to Limba to become a referral partner and enjoy benefits such as:

    • Marketing leading commissions with same-day processing and 24-hour funding

    • Personal service and simple procedures

    • The ability to offer secured and unsecured loans to your clients, up to $100,000 for up to 24 months.