Grab a grant

Government funds to assist your small business

Firstly, running a small business can be expensive. Unpredictable variations in cash flow can mean you’re often left high and dry, waiting for funds to come in and keep you afloat. Government grants are a great way to assist your business with a quick boost.

Government grants and assistance

  • Many small business owners are unaware of the amount of government grants and assistance that may be on offer to support your needs.
  • Securing a grant can provide a cash injection to support your business to build and grow.

The options are endless

  • Government business grants cover a wide range of industries and needs.
  • Perhaps your business needs funds for research and development, to launch a new innovation, take on new staff or trade in a new market.
  • Other grant options can include tax and tariff concessions that reduce the cost of doing business.

Start searching!

A range of business grant options is just a click away. Jump onto and start your search of

What does your small business need?

Here’s a sample of the range of small business grants that may be able to provide your business with a cash injection.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for?

You can search the full range of government grants and assistance available near you.

Still need a cash injection for your business?

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